Things to Do in Aruba

Aruba is an island country in the southern Caribbean and is known for its excellent weather, stunning beaches, and some of the best spots for wreck diving. The country is among the four which make up the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with others being the Netherlands, Sint Maarten, and Curacao. Due to the dry climate, the region receives plenty of sunny and warm weather throughout the year, making it a preferred destination for many travellers and tourists.

Popular Activities

There are plenty of activities which you can consider taking part in when in Aruba, which includes taking a walk along the seashore, online leisure activities, or even visiting the historical museum. Read through this article for an idea of some popular activities in Aruba.

  • Visit Palm Beach

Palm Beach is known for its calm waters and a sandy strip which is incredibly soft and feels like a cushion when walking on it. The shore is also lined with bars and restaurants which serve drinks and food all through the day. Taking a walk along the beach during sunset and at dawn is ideal for travellers who would like to have some time to reflect. The calm waters provide a perfect spot for various water sports such as swimming and snorkelling, among others. After sunset, Palm Beach comes to life with casinos, shopping malls, bars, and cinemas catering to the tourist’s needs.

  • Arikok National Park

Almost 20% of Aruba is a protected region known as the Arikok National Park and stretches from the centre of the island to the northern and eastern coast. The park is ideal for hiking and walks when you will get the opportunity of seeing face rock paintings as well as century-old cacti.

  • Visit the Stellaris Casino

The Stellaris Casino has 26 gaming tables, sports betting facilities, and hundreds of slots machines and is located within the Marriot Resort, which is towards the end of Palm Beach on the northern side. The casino also organises regular parties and entertainment activities. This is a reason why many gamers flock to Stellaris, which is the largest casino in Aruba.

  • Dining

Aruba is known for the wide variety of cuisines, ranging from traditional Dutch, African, and Asian, to Spanish foods. Whether you would like to eat your food straight from the sea or spend your evening drinking a glass of wine, while watching the ocean waves, there are plenty of restaurants which will fit your needs.

  • Sightseeing and Tours

The only easy way to know your way around the island is by letting a local show you the sights. Whether you want to navigate the island by sea, land, or submarine, locals are always eager and happy to show you around Aruba. There are many tour guides on the island who are familiar with the landscape; hence, you are sure of getting the best experience.